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Latest Reviews

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Joe Pickett. Seasons 1 & 2 [DVD]/
Author: Dowdle, John Erick, creator. -- Dowdle, Drew, creator. -- Dorman, Michael, 1981-, actor. -- Guill, Julianna, 1987-, actor. -- Grier, David Alan, 1956 June 30-, actor. -- Box, C. J. Joe Pickett novel. Television adaptation of (work).
Publisher: Australia : Distributed by ViaVision Entertainment, ©2023.
Review by: tigerlady  on: 4/06/2024 3:00:53 PM
Member Rating:
C. J. Box has written 24 books-based on Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett. Joe is an everyman hero with a penchant for stepping into trouble works with an outlaw falconer and his resourceful wife and daughters to protect the land of Twelve Sleep country from hunters eco-terrorists cowboy hit men and rogue government agents among others.
The character of Joe Pickett is in a way the antithesis of many modern literary protagonists. He works hard and tries sincerely to 'do the right thing.' He doesn't talk much. Hes a lousy shot. He's human and real which means he sometimes mucks up. When I think of Joe Pickett I dont think of an action hero or a smooth operator and this is why I think I'm attracted to the character and the TV series.
Two seasons of Joe Pickett TV series have produced. I thought S1 was slow to start but I really got into it after ep3. S1 is based on book 1 & 3 which made watching the TV series a tad confusing at times but much more enjoyable as it upped the action. S2 picks up a year after S1 finished and is based on books 8 10 & 12. It really ramps up the action drama and tension for the Pickett family. Joe doesnt enter every encounter with an agenda other than to do the right thing. Its his fatal flaw. Wish him luck.

Cover Image
The hunter and other stories / Dashiell Hammett ; edited by Richard Layman and Julie M. Rivett.
Author: Hammett, Dashiell, 1894-1961, author. -- Rivett, Julie M., editor. -- Layman, Richard, 1947-, editor.
Publisher: Harpenden, [England] No Exit Press, 2014. -- ©2013
Review by: Z  on: 13/04/2024 9:44:54 AM
Member Rating:
Absolute rubbish. No wonder the stories were unpublished before or uncollected. Most of the stories are hard to grasp it is hard to distinguish between the characters hard to understand what is going on in the story and when you finally finish the reading of a story a hard effort I tell you you ask yourself What is the point of that story What was the message Was it interesting Intriguing Intense NO for all of that just simply boring.
Don't bother with it!
Cover Image
The housemaid's secret / Freida McFadden.
Author: McFadden, Freida, author.
Publisher: London : Bookouture, 2023. -- ©2023.
Review by: McMurtrie, Deonne Mrs  on: 23/11/2023 10:06:44 AM
Member Rating:
Love this author highly recommend!
Cover Image
The locked door : a novel / by Freida McFadden.
Author: McFadden, Freida, author.
Publisher: [Place of publication unidentified]: Frieda McFadden, 2021.
Review by: McMurtrie, Deonne Mrs  on: 23/11/2023 10:06:33 AM
Member Rating:
Love this author highly recommend!
Cover Image
The housemaid's secret / Freida McFadden.
Author: McFadden, Freida, author.
Publisher: London : Bookouture, 2023. -- ©2023.
Review by: McMurtrie, Deonne Mrs  on: 23/11/2023 10:06:24 AM
Member Rating:
Love this author highly recommend!!
Cover Image
Dog gone / Debbie Brooker, illustrated by Sharon Ruhle.
Author: Brooker, Debbie, author, illustrator. -- Ruhle, Sharon, illustrator.
Publisher: InHouse Publishing, 2023. -- [Underwood, Qld.] : [InHouse Publishing], 2023.
Review by: debbrooker  on: 21/09/2023 7:43:04 PM
Member Rating:
A review for Dog Gone received from Dr. Susan Galletly

Dog Gone Debbie Brookers latest gem is a delightfully winsome story which will be much enjoyed by children and adults alike.
A delightful tale of family life lost pets found pets and the joys of being part of a richly supportive local neighbourhood.
Children are going to love this book and so will their parents and teachers. While its themes and illustrations richly depict the current time the book will evoke memories in all of us of the experiences weve had as children loving enjoying and being able to depend upon parents neighbours and friends.
And Zoey a.k.a. Poochinista is an absolute winner!
Thank you Debbie for helping us pull back out of all our busy lives to appreciate the richness of our lives and relationships.

Dr Susan Galletly BSpThy GradDipTeach MEd PhD
Cover Image
The unlikely voyage of Jack de Crow / A. J. Mackinnon.
Author: Mackinnon, A. J. (Alexander James), 1963- author.
Publisher: Collingwood, VIC : Black Inc., an imprint of Schwartz Books Pty Ltd, 2022.
Review by: debbrooker  on: 20/09/2023 12:47:12 PM
Member Rating:
A thrilling read is The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow by A.J. Mackinnon.
Alerted to this book by a friend who actually met the author docked at the Greek island of Ithaca just weeks ago the last few days I have found myself immersed in it and hard to put down. I am no sailor but there is no need to understand the complexities of sailing to enjoy this amazing adventure by a man through the waterways from Wales UK to the Black Sea off Romania in the late 1990s a turbulent time in history to boot. The challenges the people met the serene moments the harshness and even the pirates an amazing adventure told by A.J. McKinnon also a talented story teller writer teacher and philosopher.

As The Melbourne Times said A marvellous adventure and Mackinnon recounts it with humour and enthusiasm a clever and entirely engaging read
I thoroughly agree.
Cover Image
The lost man / Jane Harper.
Author: Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author.
Publisher: Sydney, NSW : Pan Macmillan Australia, 2018.
Review by: Smyth-King, Lilly Ms  on: 19/05/2023 12:13:23 PM
Member Rating:
The lost man by Jane Harper - Two brothers who live in a remote town in Queensland own two separated cattle ranches. Cam the third child who runs the homestead dies alone out in the middle of nowhere. Cam ends up dead at his brothers’ feet. The eldest brother Nathan and his son Xander and younger brother Bub Start to wonder if the isolation is at risk of bearing down on them all. The lost man is a gripping and deeply suspenseful story and I recommend it too people how love a bit of mystery. Reviewed by Lilly Rose Smyth-King
Cover Image
The radium girls / Kate Moore.
Author: Moore, Kate, author.
Publisher: London Simon & Schuster, 2016. -- ©2016
Review by: DeweyDecim8r  on: 18/04/2023 2:41:14 PM
Member Rating:
Absolutely captivating in how horribly the radium girls were treated.
This reads like true crime because it basically is. One of those un-put-down-able books I finished it in 2 days.
Cover Image
What moves the dead / T. Kingfisher.
Author: Kingfisher, T., author.
Publisher: London : Titan Books Ltd, 2022.
Review by: DeweyDecim8r  on: 6/01/2023 3:47:21 PM
Member Rating:
55 spooky mushrooms a really neat short read.
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