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Latest Reviews

Cover Image
The cedar tree / Nicole Alexander.
Author: Alexander, Nicole, 1965-, author.
Publisher: Sydney, New South Wales : Bantam, 2020.
Review by: Just  on: 11/08/2020 10:44:38 AM
Member Rating:
As always a great story. Could not put it down love reading Nicole's characters and their lives.
Cover Image
The day my bum went psycho / Andy Griffiths.
Author: Griffiths, Andy, 1961-
Publisher: Sydney : Pan, 2001.
Review by: tabootie  on: 22/07/2020 11:56:19 AM
Member Rating:
I LOVED this book. The adventures Zack and his bum-fighting friends got up to had me laughing the whole way through.
Cover Image
The birdman's wife / Melissa Ashley.
Author: Ashley, Melissa, 1973-, author.
Publisher: VIC : Affirm Press, 2016. -- South Melbourne, Vic. Affirm Press, 2016.
Review by: LibbyMc  on: 10/07/2020 11:06:29 AM
Member Rating:
From the beginning to the end I was captivated by this novel with its beautifully written yet tragic story of Elizabeth Gould. Page after page I was drawn further into Eliza's life so creatively developing a pseudo friendship between reader and character.
Cover Image
Book Club set 122: Redemption / David Baldacci.
Author: Baldacci, David, author.
Publisher: London : Macmillan, 2019.
Review by: Neville, Denise  on: 26/04/2020 7:46:56 AM
Member Rating:
While my outlook might be a bit jaundiced I am over protagonists with almost super human powers on which the whole plot rests. Apart from that they all seem to come with an antisocial approach to most things including superiors and others around them. The chip on their shoulder seems commensurate with the magnitude of their super human power. In Amos' case this is his incredible memory. On the whole there were too many characters too much was unbelievable too many bodies. But I did stick with it to the end. Maybe a 3-star review for this one.
Cover Image
Book Club set 122: Redemption / David Baldacci.
Author: Baldacci, David, author.
Publisher: London : Macmillan, 2019.
Review by: Weekes, Carole  on: 24/04/2020 2:15:49 PM
Member Rating:
Too many characters too many deaths. Easy to read but most characters not well-rounded and some people and events were not convincing eg Natty's turnabout in his attitude to Amos the fact that Mary Lancaster was still working as a detective with early onset dementia and Melvin Mars working on a case as an impostor.

The superficial elements annoyed me eg emphasis on the size of detectives and vulgar displays of wealth and the scope of the violence in Burlington two families and a school as well as the body count during the course of the current story.

I found it interesting that both Amos and Mary suffered from brain issues with Amos having a particularly interesting set of symptoms which seemed to drive many of his decisions.
I always enjoy finding out about the families of detectives eg the loss of Cassie and Molly for Amos his relationship with Alex Jamison and the way having Sandy to deal with impacted on the lives of Mary and Earl Lancaster. However mostly the characters appeared and disappeared without readers having the opportunity to see them as complex personalities.
Grisham's latest novel addresses a similar issue - righting past injustices.
Cover Image
Book Club set 122: Redemption / David Baldacci.
Author: Baldacci, David, author.
Publisher: London : Macmillan, 2019.
Review by: Thamm, Eva Mrs  on: 20/04/2020 4:46:15 PM
Member Rating:
Enjoyed the book very much. I give it 5 and would highly recommend it.
Cover Image
Becoming / Michelle Obama.
Author: Obama, Michelle, 1964-, author.
Publisher: [London] Viking, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2018. -- ©2018
Review by: KAL  on: 19/03/2020 3:02:41 PM
Member Rating:
This was the best book that I have read in years.
Cover Image
Trochus : against the odds / Warren Hill.
Author: Hill, Warren, (Seaman), author.
Publisher: Glen Waverley, Victoria Sid Harta Publishers, 2018. -- ©2017
Review by: Partridge, Sheri Lynn  on: 21/12/2019 9:22:50 PM
Member Rating:
A well written personal account of an Ozzie man's determination to fulfil his dream. Persistent in the face of bureaucratic nonsense & always aware of the beauty of family & the environment Warren rescues a wrecked boat a story in itself & starts his own trochus shell business navigating a pub crawl through a town full of characters
while coping with mystery & intrigue. This terrific tome deserves a mini-series at least a dramatic long term season to do it justice!
Cover Image
Book club set 90: The dry / Jane Harper.
Author: Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author.
Publisher: Sydney, New South Wales Macmillan Pan Macmillan Australia, 2016 -- ©2016
Review by: nancy  on: 18/12/2019 10:43:25 AM
Member Rating:
Great Australian drama - a good read
Cover Image
Assault / Brian Falkner.
Author: Falkner, Brian.
Publisher: Newtown, N.S.W. : Walker Books, 2011.
Review by: Deguara, Ricky  on: 5/12/2019 6:46:46 AM
Member Rating:
it was great
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