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Latest Reviews

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Mindful sketching : how to develop a drawing practice and embrace the art of imperfection / Peggy Dean.
Author: Dean, Peggy, (Illustrator), author.
Publisher: Seattle, WA : Spruce Books, [2022]
Review by: rfc68  on: 30/11/2022 1:11:47 PM
Member Rating:
I found this book was full of inspirational ideas that were easy to follow.
Cover Image
The boy with a bird in his chest : a novel / Emme Lund.
Author: Lund, Emme, 1985- author.
Publisher: New York : Atria Books, 2022.
Review by: Bibb, Jayden Master  on: 13/08/2022 2:01:00 PM
Member Rating:
An Amazing Book from a Talented Author.
Cover Image
Ravaged crown : a Russian mafia romance / Nicole Fox.
Author: Fox, Nicole (Romance fiction writer), author.
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] : Nicole Fox, [2022]
Review by: janj72  on: 3/08/2022 12:06:42 PM
Member Rating:
If you like a story with lots of 'HOT' then this is a must read.
Cover Image
Book club set 176: My year of living vulnerably / Rick Morton.
Author: Morton, Rick, (Journalist), author.
Publisher: Sydney, NSW : Fourth Estate, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2021.
Review by: KAL  on: 30/04/2022 12:04:55 PM
Member Rating:
This title was a roller coaster of a read with moments of genuine insight and grace. However the Between the Lines Book Club found the book disjointed and full of studies that were used to support the author's reflections. The group didn't feel that the title reflected what they had anticipated. We look forward to other book club reviews.
Cover Image
Jemima's surprise / Debbie Brooker.
Author: Brooker, Debbie, author, illustrator.
Publisher: Underwood : InHouse Publishing. -- [Australia] : InHouse Publishing. 2020.
Review by: debbrooker  on: 28/04/2022 6:07:36 AM
Member Rating:
Joyful book
Jacqui on Mar 23 2021
A review of Jemima's Surprise
My 6 year old daughter Penelope picked up your book 'Jemima's Surprise' at the library recently and we read it together for the first time today. We live in Mackay too so it's the season for sunbird nests but I thought it was amazing how just last week we've been watching our resident sunbirds make a nest on our washing line. Then yesterday one of the eggs fell out and broke. We also have a hibiscus tree next to the washing line and I often find myself watching these beautiful birds going about their duties.
Thank you for writing such a lovely book that my children can now relate to! I'll be looking to purchase it as a reminder of our own little sunbirds
Cover Image
Flowers for Penny / Debbie Brooker.
Author: Brooker, Debbie, author, illustrator.
Publisher: Underwood : InHouse Publishing, 2018. -- [Underwood Queensland] : Debbie Brooker and InHouse Publishing, [2018] -- �2018.
Review by: debbrooker  on: 28/04/2022 6:06:02 AM
Member Rating:
Three Cheers for Mrs Jones
Susan Galletly on Dec 01 2018
A charming book on the gentle wonder and power of supportive relationships.
A powerful read. Wonderful illustrations complement the text delightfully evoking for all of us fond memories of our own childhood our own Mrs Jones experiences and the gentle nurturing we too received.
Three cheers for Mrs Jones!
Cover Image
Too many words / Debbie Brooker.
Author: Brooker, Debbie, author, illustrator.
Publisher: Underwood : InHouse Publishing. -- [Underwood Queensland] : Debbie Brooker and InHouse Publishing, [2019]
Review by: debbrooker  on: 28/04/2022 6:04:31 AM
Member Rating:
All in all a great book!
Susan Galletly PhD Speech-Language Pathologist Teacher CQU Postdoctoral Fellow on Dec 30 2019
Debbie has worlds of experience about the challenges children face. She writes with charm and wisdom.
Too Many Words is a terrific book.
While a joy for all kids and families teachers and speech language pathologists will particularly love this book and find it a powerful teaching tool.
So many children today struggle with pragmatics the unwritten rules of social interaction. While Too Many Words focuses specifically on Annabelles dilemma of talking too much and listening too little the story is delightfully open enabling conversation to lead into many other areas - being too loud too tactless too lacking in empathy for example and not least the use of figurative language which so many children struggle with. After all might the world really run out of words if Annabelle uses too many of them
All in all a great book!
Cover Image
Thoughts are free : (Die gedanken sind frei) / Debbie Brooker.
Author: Brooker, Debbie, author, illustrator.
Publisher: 2021 -- [Underwood, Queensland : InHouse publishing, [2021].
Review by: debbrooker  on: 28/04/2022 6:01:13 AM
Member Rating:
A tale of making connections.
Ally B. on Sep 13 2021
Thoughts are Free is a new novella from Debbie Brooker Author and available now in store! We know Debbie as a children's author however in this book she writes for a much older audience. I thoroughly related to it as an adult but there was something here that definitely rang of a young adult audience and I would certainly have recommended this story to my teenage readers when I was teaching secondary school English. This is the first novel I have read that introduces Covid-19 to the plot but this is not a story about the pandemic - it does though give it a very contemporary feel and is very relatable. In this short novel Debbie takes us through a number of decades and manages to capture the feel of each period despite its short length. A tale of making connections across the globe and exploring similar life experiences in very different political social and cultural circumstances. Debbie's writing both here and in her children's books invites us to explore big ideas in an approachable concise and always relevant context. Thank you for sharing this one with us Debbie!
Cover Image
Book club set 30: The island of missing trees / Elif Shafak.
Author: Shafak, Elif, 1971-, author.
Publisher: [London] : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2021.
Review by: KAL  on: 1/04/2022 11:41:36 AM
Member Rating:
Between the Lines Book Club - Refreshing read that held the readers attention coming back for more. While the books structure was at time a challenge the end result was worth the time in this fantastic read.
Cover Image
Book club set 169: American dirt / Jeanine Cummins.
Author: Cummins, Jeanine, author.
Publisher: London : Tinder Press, 2020. -- ©2019
Review by: KAL  on: 1/04/2022 11:38:10 AM
Member Rating:
A thought provoking read with a gripping beginning that has the reader looking for more. While pure fiction there is a depth to the story that can be seen in our world today.
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